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About us

We are what your project needs

We are your springboard: driving the change your company needs


Experts in custom application design

“Do not bite off more than you can chew”, this is our thinking. That’s why we focus on what we excel at and know best: web design and development, e-commerce and custom development of web and mobile applications.

We value transparency, honesty, and simplicity. We are straightforward and practical. We remain authentic. Our genuineness is what makes us unique.


We work differently

We aspire to be more than a typical supplier. Our goal is for you to see us as YOUR PARTNER, meaning we work hand in hand to achieve your objectives.


We love what we do

Our job is our passion, helping with our technology.

We adapt to you.

We adjust ourselves to meet your specific needs.

At your service, at your convenience.

We can enter into any phase of your project. Let us know when, what do you need and we'll be there for you. We work with turnkey, hours-based, fee-based projects...

Our team

Take a look at our professionals

Cristobal Cano - Studio128k

Cristóbal Cano

CEO - Account Manager
Bartolome Rojas - Studio128k

Bartolomé Rojas

CTO - Full-Stack Developer
Ismael Serrano - Studio128k

Ismael Serrano

Web Developer
Andrés Millán - Studio128k

Andrés Millán

Web Developer
Manuel Gómez - Studio128k

Manuel Gómez

Web Developer
Jose David Expósito - Studio128k

Jose David Expósito

Backend Developer
Manuel Aranda - Studio128k

Manuel Aranda

CIO & App Developer
Eduardo Terrero - Studio128k

Eduardo Terrero

iOS Developer
Andrés Pérez - Studio128k

Andrés Pérez

App & Web Developer

We have the capacity and experience to work across the entire project lifecycle.

First meeting
We want to know you. You are the image of your company, and we want to be able to reflect your values in your project
Action plan
We study your specific case and develop a time-bound action plan so that your project is completed on time.
You have the last word, at Studio128k we trust the criteria of our clients and only you will decide if what we propose is fair.
Here comes the fun part, we will be in charge of the creation part. In the meantime, you will be able to access all updates and see the progress.
Testing and Evaluation
We check that the features developed meet the requirements and the quality is optimal to launch your project.
Work with us!!!

Join our team

If you are interested in joining the Studio128k team, don’t hesitate to send us your details and CV using this contact form.

We’re waiting for you!